I believe we all have potential for greatness. The problem is we easily settle or we set our goals too low. You cannot expect great results from mediocre goals.

If you want to achieve greatness, learn to expect a lot from yourself. When you set BIG goals, your body, mind and emotions adjust to achieve them. When you set big goals, you create a hunger in you to expand your awareness, knowledge and skills to achieve those dreams. Settling is so easy, but the world isn't shaped by people who settle.

Stretch yourself. No failing doesn't mean you are succeeding. Self-preservation is one of the greatest enemy of progress. Step out of your comfort zone. Go for that goal you have been avoiding. You will surprise yourself. The moment you focus on it, your mind will force you to expand your consciousness and your skills to be able to achieve it.

There is greatness inside of you.

I wish you the best as you lead.

To your success

Pascal Nyasha

Founder of Leadership Clinic